A World of Games: Cosmo Gang

A World of Games: Cosmo Gang

Sometimes the best games at the arcade are the ones that aren’t actual video games. Typically these games don’t have screens to display action. Rather they have movable parts or interactive pieces for the player to enjoy.

Take Cosmo Gang for example. It is a light gun shooting game in its most basic sense. Instead of blasting aliens on a screen, you’re shooting specific sensors in a plastic model alien as it slides ever closer to you.

It’s amazing!

I’ve only ever seen this game at California Extreme, and every year it is an absolute blast to play!

The novelty of it is through the roof, and the fun you have either by yourself or with another player is unlike anything else you’ll find at an arcade.

Cosmo Gang is a great example of why I love arcades. It’s a unique experience that you can’t really get anywhere else. And on top of that, you’re not going to find this game at home!

Played at California Extreme 2018

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