A World of Games: Dance Dance Revolution X

A World of Games: Dance Dance Revolution X

Though I’m not as active in the scene as I once was, the Dance Dance Revolution series of games is still going strong to this day (believe it or not). Recently the series celebrated it’s 20th anniversary, and while I don’t think it’s as hot as it once was, it’s nice to see the games still getting played in our local arcade.

DDRX is the 11th version of the game to release (not counting remixes and arcade upgrades) and was made to commemorate the tenth anniversary of the series back in 2008. Personally this also marks the last DDR game I somewhat played in the arcades before really moving on from the series.

If you’ve played one DDR you’ve played them all, so the only real difference maker between cabinets is the songlist. DDRX had a lot of fan favorites, but it’s also the point in which I felt I was no longer the intended audience. A handful of licensed songs took the place of my old time favorites back back in the DDRMax days. With my own interests fading, this was kind of the final nail in the rhythm game coffin for me.

Thankfully the series since held strong, and the release of Dance Dance Revolution A20 marked the 20th anniversary of the once mighty arcade dance game!

*Played at Round One Entertainment in San Jose, CA 2019

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