A World of Games: House of the Dead: Scarlet Dawn

A World of Games: House of the Dead: Scarlet Dawn

Sega’s House of the Dead series of light gun arcade shooters is iconic. Blasting away zombies, saving absent-minded scientists, and questionable voice acting have all come together to create a game series that is revered as much as it is mocked. And that is amazing.

After a couple of arcade ports to home consoles and even a console exclusive sequel, The House of the Dead returned to arcades proper in September 2018. Created by the same development that has worked on the series since the first game in 1997, Scarlet Dawn is a modern iteration of a classic series.

Features from the newer games in the series return, like the ability to carry a few weapons and to throw grenades, as well as dozens of zombies on screen at once. The “awful” English voice acting also kind of returns, with some scenes features questionable dialogue at best. What definitely returns is the sublime feeling of blasting away zombies with a friend: the game features 2 player co-op!

The cabinet itself is also a standout feature. The sit-down cabinet is boxed in an opaque white, with lights underneath, emanating an evil glow to attract players. Modern arcades all seem to have games that have some sort of curb appeal, if you will, and Scarlet Dawn is no exception.

If you have been a Hosue of the Dead fan for years, you’ll find lots to love with House of the Dead: Scarlet Dawn. Even if you just fancy yourself a light gun fan, you definitely shouldn’t pass this one up.

*Played at Round 1 Entertainment, San Jose, CA – 2019

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