Animal Crossing Cosplay!!


Animal Crossing Cosplay!!


At this year’s Fanime Convention in San Jose, California, a few friends of mine decided we needed to take our liking of the Animal Crossing: Sweet Day game in Nintendo Land for Wii U to the next level.


In case you’re not familiar with the game, Nintendo Land is a collection of minigames that take full advantage of the Wii U GamePad, and also happen to be incredibly fun with friends! In Sweet Day, you play as either one of four animals trying to collect candy, or as the police officers trying to tackle to animals and make them drop their candy. The police officers play using the GamePad and both control sticks, while the animals play using Wii Remotes and the TV. It’s a riot! Finding and tackling the animals is both exhilarating and challenging, while being the candy-collecting animals is a pulse pounding good time!


No candies here, Tangy


Booker & Copper are serious


Admittedly, this took a long time to capture



The hats were made by my girlfriend Laura in the span of three days! And damn, are they excellent! We were happy to just have them turn out looking like the characters they were representing, but we had dozens of people recognize us, ask us for pictures, or simply commend us on cosplaying such a niche group!


Tangy the Cat


Dizzy the Elephant


Lily the Frog


Peanut the Squirrel


Booker the Dog (that’s me!)


Copper the Dog

We actually ran into a couple other Animal Crossing cosplayers! The Reese and Cyrus are very well done, and Marshall (The Squirrel) had a lot of nice additions (check out her Bell Bag and the Pitfall around her wrist! Nice touches!).


Marshall the Squirrel in the middle!


Reese & Cyrus from Retail

This was the first real Cosplay that I participated in, and I think the high hasn’t worn off yet! I’m already thinking what we can do next year to one-up ourselves. Perhaps something more niche, or mainstream? Mario Kart 8 is big now, so maybe we can go as the Koopa Kids! That’d be cool, but maybe something even better will present itself next year. Either way, we had an absolute blast this year!


Until next year!


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