Whether you're team open world, or team linear, we're all team video game. But which style of game is the right one for you?

A notably very different arcade game than the NES port, Capcom’s Bionic Commando is a fresh take on the arcade platforming genre. Armed with the iconic bionic arm, you and …

Looking back on older games with a modern eye can really shatter your dreams.

What's that Podcast? It's (finally) the RPGaymer episode about Pokemon!

The best video games have the best characters, and here's what we think goes into making them so memorable

Rise from your grave!

They say the weapon maketh the RPG. Let's see if that's true

Part 2 of the FF7: Remake was announced. Hopefully now they'll announce one of these RPGs to get the Remake treatment.

Another year, another not-E3. Let's still make some predictions though, shall we?

It's not every decade we get a new arcade exclusive side scrolling shooter, so we have to celebrate these when they come by

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Original blue and red Nintendo Switch controllers

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