Diablo III on PS4 is Better than Diablo III on PC

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Diablo III has been out on PC for over three years, and it’s expansion Reaper of Souls for one. When it was released, I was there on day one to pick up the sequel to one of the PCs greatest games ever, and one  I have truly fond memories with (it’s one of the only games I had two separate yet significant amount of times with). I played through the whole campaign, maxed out my Witch Doctor and Demon Hunter, and even picked up a few legendaries. But when all was said and done, Diablo III just didn’t leave the same impact with me as its predecessor. Even the expansion, which added some sweet new content, didn’t pull me in like D2.

But then the PS4 version came out. More specifically, it was on sale on Amazon and I decided to pick it up.

Having cleared all five acts and taken on some Rifts, I can safely say Diablo III is a game tailored for the console crowd.

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Yeah, I know I’m really late on this topic, but seeing as I wasn’t able to fully weigh in on the PC vs. Console debate when the game’s first came out because I hadn’t picked up the game yet on the consoles, I’m here now. That being said, when I was playing Diablo III on PC, I could already see it was different. The focus was more on action than surviving and clearing out mobs. It was still a big focus, but in Diablo III I could overcome most odds by using a skill or two solely. The action worked well with this in mind: mobs would surround you, but they’d go down relatively easily. I think this was the greatest difference between Diablo II and Diablo III. The game was no longer strategic; rather, it was action.

The game is the same on PS4 as PC, but the difference is that it simply isn’t on PC. I feel a lot of gamers felt betrayed by Blizzard upon the release of D3 simply because it wasn’t like D2. If you’re playing the game on a console, however, that strange stigma isn’t present. Suddenly killing demons and gaining levels like crazy feels natural when you’re holding a PS4 controller in your hand. Even better, it still feels like Diablo. And for me, playing it all through again was way more satisfying than the first time.

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Once you suspend your disbelief that Diablo III can be something different than Diablo II you might actually start to enjoy yourself with the game. I know I did. One big reason for that is how the game handles on the PS4. The controller implements the action-oriented gameplay better than a mouse and keyboard. Dodging alone makes up biggest reason a controller is better than a keyboard (or that could just be my own preference). Navigating menus is handled extremely well here, using a wheel system to catalog your items via type (i.e. chest armor, headgear, gloves, etc.). Loading up your character with new spells, runes, and abilities, and then unleashing them upon hordes of enemies is satisfying. The PS4 version looks wonderful, plays great, and really captures what makes a solid action RPG outstanding.

Diablo III was already a great game in my mind on the PC, but I liked it more on PS4 because it felt better. The action was more exciting on a bigger screen. The leveling up and improving skills were more fun with a friend on the couch. Running around and killing hundreds of demons was easier with a controller, and the list could go on. I think many will find the PC version and the PS4 version to be identical, namely because they are the same game with small tweaks, but to those who perhaps played past games in the series and did try it on a console will find it a better fit. Perhaps the time of the action RPG on the PC has come and gone? Or perhaps Blizzard really did have the consoles in mind when making Diablo III and are slowing creeping into the console market. Who knows!

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If you still haven’t played Diablo III and fancy yourself an RPG fan, you should really check it out. Aside from being a solid game, the lore of the Diablo franchise is one I really enjoy. Laura and I have played through the entire campaign on Master difficulty, gotten through a few rifts, and are looking forward to playing even more! End game content is something I never really get into, but with this it might be one of my first! And I’ll enjoy every minute of it!



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