E3 2013 Day 1 Recap

E3 2013 Logo Day 1The annual Electronics Entertainment Expo (more commonly abbreviated to E3) held in Los Angeles, California is one of the world’s biggest showcases for video games. It’s the big stage for developers, publishers, and game companies to show off their newest titles, what they’re currently working on, and entice the consumer with plenty of surprise announcement, unexpected  blunders, and everything between. This year was no exception, with handfuls of huge announcements, not the least of which concerning the newest video game consoles, Sony’s PlayStation 4 and Microsoft’s Xbox One. In case you missed it, here’s a breakdown of all the biggest and best stories, news, and headlines from day one of this year’s E3.

Microsoft and Xbox One

  • Microsoft’s new console is looking to release this November, priced at $499
  • Twitch.tv will be available at launch. This means you can upload gameplay sessions online easily.
  • Early adopters of the Xbox One receive a special edition controller and achievement
  • A direct response to Sony’s PlayStation Plus perk, Microsoft Gold Membership now offers two free games a month until the release of the Xbox One.
  • There will no longer be Microsoft Points. Instead, the company will sell goods digitally using local currency.

Sony and PlayStation 4

New Games

Odds and Ends

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  1. Jett

    Great wrap up!

    I thought overall, Microsoft greatly improved upon the first Xbox One reveal by showing solid games, though very little of it wowed me save for Titanfall. Also, that price of $499 is tough to swallow.

    But then Sony happened. From legitimate indie game support, to no DRM and being $100 cheaper, the PS4 immediately jumped out in front as the system to beat.

    Looking forward to Nintendo in just a bit!

    1. jsicktheslick

      I think Microsoft delivered on their promise of showing off games here at E3, but kind of like you said, none of them wowed me. I feel like Microsoft played it safe with their game announcements: a lot of expected titles, and the few that did stand out (such as Titanfall) were few.

      Sony appealed to the fans needs, and that definitely won them a lot of support. But, as with any new console, time will tell if that success with fans will lead to developers jumping on the PS4 ship and creating the necessary content to make the system worthwhile.

      And I’m always looking forward to Nintendo. Hell, they don’t need an E3 to impress me: just keep releasing games from their multitude of successful, fun, first-party series’ and I’ll be happy.


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