Four Years of Slick Gaming

Mega Man 4 ArtEvery year I am always astonished to write one of these posts. And every year I swear these posts come up faster than the year prior.

Happy Fourth Anniversary to Slick Gaming!

When thinking of what to do with this minor milestone, Laura and I couldn’t really come up with anything spectacular. The best four player games? The best series with at least 4 entries? The best characters with only four fingers?! Yeah, all interesting ideas, but nothing really relating to a four year anniversary.


So what is four year anniversary worthy?

Well, thanking all of you, of course!Super Mario World Thank You

In four years this little blog has done so much: it’s gone from a simple place to log all my reviews for Inside Gaming Daily (May it rest in peace), to a resource for game collecting management, to a hub for my other gaming blogs, and to a place where I can simply speak freely about video games!

When I look back at the site, I still think of how exciting it was to first start out. I was (and in many ways still am) an amateur at blogging, but I always found it fun to create new posts. Even still I love seeing others comment on my content, leave me feedback on how to make things better, or simply just saying, “Yeah, that was such a cool game!” That kind of stuff fuels my motivation and really makes me want to continue Slick Gaming for years and years to come!

I’ve said it quite literally every year around this time, but I’ll say it again: I’m still looking to do more with the blog! I hear a lot of folks say life gets in the way of their creative outlets, but for me even if I’m not writing about something here I’m likely playing something new in my free time. Laura and I have been enjoying the heck out of Splatoon, for example, and we frequently have friends over to play Mario Party or board games! And whatever we’re doing, even if it’s not entirely related to gaming, I always have this thought in the back of my mind how it’ll make for a good post. Or I’ll write something down because it’s a good idea for a later revision. And if you follow my blog here at all you know I’m still purchasing new games like it’s nobody’s business.

Links Awakening ArtNone of that would exist if it wasn’t for you: the fans. If I can even call you that. Is it safe to say I have fans? A few of you on here constantly read my stuff, and I’m eternally grateful! And you guys have some truly awesome content as well!

Jett over at inthirdperson is a friend and a colleague! If you’re looking for a mix of video games, comics, and board games, check out his blog. Fresh content weekly, and tons of new games to occupy your time!

The Martian Oddity has a fun corner of the internet all to his own! I really enjoy reading his game pickup posts, because we share a similar bond in collecting. And I like any outlet where I can learn about new games!

Eric at The Warning Sign is my oldest follower, and he runs a blog collecting all kinds of fun stuff about movies, games, and more! Classy, all the way through, and a real sign of personal blogging excellence!

Paul at Grinding Down has maintained an online journal of all his escapades into a digital world. A blog chronicling your own video game life is pretty awesome, so check it out!

So here’s to Four Years at Slick Gaming!

2015 has plenty of awesome games coming out, and I plan on being there to enjoy most of them (my wallet, not so much). Thank you again for the continued support and encouragement.

Let’s see what Five years of Slick Gaming can do!

Happy Anniversary,

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  1. martianoddity

    Congrats on the milestone, 4 years really go by fast. Thanks for the mention! It’s really nice following your finds as well 🙂

  2. Jett

    Congratulations on four years of great Jsick content! Looking forward to more excellent stuff from you! Also, thanks for the shout out! Truly appreciated.

  3. Eric

    Congrats man! Really glad to see you still blogging after all these years. Keep up the great work.

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