Gameplay Vault: Bloody Roar II

As stated before, I picked up the first two Bloody Roar games a few weeks back and have been enjoying them since. I recently completed a run through off the first game and have moved on to the second. Playing the two games in sequence was actually quite fun: I noticed the enhancements that were made, the additions and tweaks that changed the game for the better, and the strange omission of other intricacies. Oh yeah, and I also beat this game, too.



Praise be held to a minimum please, because beating a fighting game is about as easy as making a pop-tart in the morning. That being said, I ran through the game’s story mode (new to BRII) as Yugo, who is pretty much the main character for the series. Below you’ll find the story and cutscenes from his playthrough.

Bloody Roar 2 – Yugo’s Story


One thing I noticed after playing through the story mode as Gado was that Yugo has a much more fleshed out story than other characters. He has a reason to be fighting other Zoanthropes (animal-shifty people), whereas others, especially Gado, just seem to be fighting for the sake of fighting. But what did I expect really? It’s a fighting game…


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