Man, Where Have I Been This Last Month?

Where did the time go? Last time I was here it was February and I was playing Golf Story. Now it’s March April and I’m playing Kirby Star Allies. In lieu of giving a ton of excuses for why there wasn’t any content here in March, let me just move on to what I actually have been up to this past month.

  • Overwatch & the Overwatch League: Much like Team Fortress 2 was a part of my life for many years, it appears Overwatch has become that game I just keep playing. Making matters worse (i.e. better) is the Overwatch League. I wouldn’t say I’m following it closely, but I do like to see scores every week, as well as catch a few matches here and there. I’m genuinely excited to see which teams will rise in the coming Stage 3, and which will fall! On top of that the actual game of Overwatch has been keeping my attention, with new characters and events luring me back when I think I’m done! Huzzah for free, excellent content!
  • Undertale: A few weeks back I picked up and started the PS4 version of Undertale. Many friends of mine have told me countless times how I need to play it, so now I can say I have. I am right at the end of my first playthrough (or at least I think I’m at the end?), and I must say it’s been exceptional. The variety of gameplay coupled with memorable characters with witty and meaningful dialogue has won me over. I wonder how different the game is on PS4 over PC?
  • Buying all the games!: I recently returned from a vacation back in Indiana where, among other things like visiting family and being in weddings, I picked up a good amount of new games! Living where I do in California there isn’t that much in terms of shops to hunt for games, so when I get a chance to shop a good used game store I have to go big. The game collecting bug always bites me and I get a sense of pride and adventure that most other get from actual relevant things.
  • Selling some of the games: In an effort to bring in some more expendable income, I stated selling some of my video games on eBay. They are strictly going to be games I have multiple copies of, and it’s kind of a testing ground for selling more substantial things later. Still, It’s exhilarating to see my stuff go up in price as people bid on them! Naturally I don’t get as much money as I would have wanted for the items, but it’s better than nothing. Plus it’s nice to know someone else can enjoy the games as much as I have!
  • Learning to love the Switch: As stated above, I am currently playing Kirby Star Allies for the Switch. As more and more games are coming out on the new Nintendo console (and a boatload of re-releases and ports are on the horizon as well), the Switch is becoming a pretty damn beefy console. So much so it’s making me want to switch over to using it more than the PS4. The hurdle I’m stumbling over though is the social aspect: namely, there isnt’ one on Switch. The PlayStation 4 has trophies, it has parties, and it has all of my friends on it. The Switch just can’t (won’t?) do that, and it’s a huge misstep.
  • Reunited and it feels so good, maybe?: Tomorrow I will start up another podcast of sorts with my old Splitkick buddies Jett and Mat about video games. I don’t think any of us expect much of anything from it, other than an outlet to talk about video games again, but I think it’ll be great! Without the constraints of SK (which, to be honest, there weren’t much any of) we have the freedom to do whatever we want, and I’m looking forward to making some new content with those guys! Check back here soon for more!
  • Family: My brother and his wife recently moved back to the midwest with their twin boys, and I was finally able to meet them last week. On top of that we just had our Easter sunday here in the States, and Laura and I have been talking about our future as well! It’s been very exciting, and while I don’t always have a lot of time for video games, I still try to work them in. But most important is my family and loved ones!

So yeah, that’s where the time went. DownStab is still happening, it’s still going to be my personal gaming outlet, and it is my passion project. Let’s look forward to more exciting stuff for 2018!

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