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Now Playing: Dungeon Raid (iOS)

I’m not one to put in a good deal of time into games for my iPhone, but I’ve sure been enjoying this game. Dungeon Raid (Lite or the $.99 edition) is sort of like Puzzle Quest and sort of not. As far as free games go for the iPhone, or dollar games for that matter, this one stands up with the best puzzle games out there. I’ve got some pics for you as well, if my enthusiasm isn’t enough for your interest to be piqued.





Like I said before, the game is soft of like the RPG/Puzzle game Puzzle Quest, but it’s sort of not. You might be fooled when looking at the game initially, but a few seconds in and you’ll see it’s not quite the same.

So you’ve got the same set-up here: coins, potions, swords, skulls, and shields. The differences stop there though. You don’t just move one item to make a match of 3, 4, or 5, but instead you three or more of the same item that are connected, making a large chain in order to collect them or remove them from the field. You’re goal isn’t to kill an opponent, but to survive as long as you can. Skulls appear on screen and if left alone they will deal damage to you. Touching swords doesn’t do anything, but adding swords to skulls deals more damage, which is good. Picking up shields adds to your shield defense, which is taken out first from foes before your health. The red potions replenish health, the coins give you money, and everything you collect adds to your overall experience. Get enough experience and you level up, allowing you to increase stats like attack, defense, or add magical powers. The RPG elements aren’t deep, but they are efficient and fun.

Getting a high score is the name of the game. Every time you play you start over at level one, but you can quickly move up to higher levels. Enemies subsequently become more devious and deal more damage as you gain levels, making the challenge always apparent. It’s what you’d expect from a finely crafted RPG game for the iPhone, and it’s sure is fun.

Dungeon Raid is a fun game for the iPhone. It’s a great game to play between classes or on your work break, and it’s especially fun if you enjoy puzzle games or the aforementioned and similar Puzzle Quest. I recommend checking it out, if only because it’s free.


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