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Now Playing: The Sims Social (Part 2!)

I blogged a few weeks ago about how I couldn’t believe I was playing a Facebook game, and as fate, or luck, or whatever the hell it is would have it, I am still playing the game some time later. And, well, I actually like the game. A good deal. I’ve improved upon just about everything in in the game since I last wrote about it, and have some new pics and details to share with you all.




My sweet new pad

– There’s a level cap currently in The Sims Social, and that cap is 50. I was surprised there wasn’t anything special for hitting the max level, like a special item to unlock or extra money, something. Nope, there was just the usual bonus ingredient and some cash. Oh well… Interestingly though I am still collecting XP, but I’m not gaining any levels. I wonder if they add more levels if I’ll retroactively level up with my experience. Hmm…

Playing DDR in my place (called "Prance Prance Humiliation" in the game)

– Every week there seems to be an update to the game, usually adding a special new quest and themed items. Past weeks have included Girls week (pink related items), Japan week (Japanese things, like the DDR machiens and the octopus wallpaper I have), and currently Ice week (the snow all over the ground as well as ice sculptures and furniture). These are good updates, and will keep a player going. I’m glad they are in the game, otherwise things would get stale fast.

Leveling up skills such as Cooking, Art, and Writing gives you more cash to buy more shit

– I have become pretty advanced at some of the skills (Writing, Cooking, Art, and Music). The higher the level, the more money you get from doing those actions. Ultimately these are pointless upgrades, since it takes no skill to truly do any of these things, but seeing numbers increase can be fun (I suppose).

Bella's place, the computer friend you start with, always has her house updated to fit the current week's theme

– There is still very little action in The Sims Social in terms of gameplay. You still just click stuff to do everything. I don’t mind the laziness of it all (otherwise I wouldn’t be playing), but it does make the game lean heavily on the easy side. But if you’re thing is buying new items to furnish a house that’s probably better than the one you’re in now, then play on!

My friends place. She has a nice house, but can't progress much further due to one of the MANY glitches/bugs in the game

– One HUGE issue with the game is the amount of bugs. About once or twice a day I’ll have to reload the game in the middle of playing because they’ve “hit a snag.” Also, some of my friends can’t send requests to get items anymore, which is crippling to the game because you need items to do stuff in the game, and asking for them from friends is the only way to get certain items. Also the game has an issue with saving. If you do anything immediately (or like one or two minutes) before exiting the game, it most likely won’t save. I’ve adopted the strategy of finishing what I would do then going to Bella’s house and waiting there for a minute or two while I do something on a different opened tab. It’s pretty awful, and something EA needs to address, and soon.

Even with it's faults, I still have to give the game credit: They let me buy not one, but two DDR machines!

– I still question whether I’ll be playing The Sims Social anytime in the future. Like, will I still be here next year when it’s Christmas time? Will the game itself even be here next year for Christmas? Hmm… We’ll see I suppose. If you’re new to Facebook games like I was, just give it a shot. I was honestly pleasantly surprised with this title, and am happy to see full-fledged games (if you can call this game one) are making their way to Facebook for free. If nothing else, it’s a fun way to waste some time if you don’t have a lot of time to spare to play a full retail game.

– Oh, and one more thing: this blog gives out TONS of free stuff for the game. I’ve been checking it daily, and Sims Social players should too.


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