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Review: Growlanswer: Wayfarer of Time

Hold on tight PSP fans, another tactical RPG is upon us. Published by Atlus, Growlanser: Wayfarer of Time is the fourth chapter in the Growlanser series, but only the third time Americans have been able to get their hands on the franchise. Touting hours upon hours of gameplay and 40 unique endings, Wayfarer of Time promised to be one of the last great PSP strategy games to be released. That’s why it’s disappointing the game is just mediocre.



As my first taste of the Growlanser series, I must say I wasn’t too impressed with the title. While I consider myself a fan of RPGs, I can easily say that tactical RPGs aren’t as favored as action RPGs and more so turn based RPGs. Still though, Wayfarer of Time has 40 endings and an interesting story at least, so that’s good I suppose.

Be prepared to kick some angel ass!

Full review is up at Inside Gaming Daily’s blog!


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