Review: Scribblenauts Unmasked

Scribblenauts Unmasked CoverThe lure to the Scribblenauts franchise has remained the same game in and game out: use your imagination to create any object you can think of and have it appear in the game world. It is the heart of the series and where the different iterations of Scribblenauts shine; I was always impressed that I could actually create just about everything I had in mind. That said, while each new Scribblenauts game offered more creation opportunities and surprises, the same problems tended to show up again and again. Though they tried, not even the entire DC Universe can save Maxwell from another run of the mill adventure.

It’s strange. The Scribblanauts series has built itself upon limitless creativity from the player, yet that exact mechanic seems to be limiting the game. Don’t get me wrong; each game in the series is better than the last, and they have always remained fun and charming, but little advances forward for the series and particular problems carrying over from one game to the next limits the overall experience of each game.

You can read my full review of Maxwell’s DC adventures here at Inside Gaming Daily!


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