Review: SCUF DareDeVL Pro Xbox 360 Controller

Having the competitive edge in multiplayer tends to lead to victory. If you’re already the perfect sniper who knows the entire map by heart, or if you’re a one-man army who can destroy the entire opposition by yourself then you’ve already got the skills to be one of the elite players. But what about your controller? The vanilla Xbox 360 controller could be the one thing holding you back from true epicness in Call of Duty, Battlefield, or Halo: Reach. SCUF gaming has the definitive controller for all your shooting needs, and it doesn’t take a CoD master to use one.

First time I’ve ever reviewed a piece of hardware, and it was definitely a nice shake-up from normal game reviews. has the entire review, so read and enjoy (SPOILERS: It’s a fantastic controller).

New triggers, buttons, and analog sticks make this controller awesome


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