Review: Yoshi’s New Island

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All things considered, Yoshi is kind of a terrible guardian. He was tasked with safely delivering baby Mario to his parents, but in doing so he led the toddler through dozens of perilous predicaments: lava-filled caverns, haunted houses, and jungles full of thieving monkeys. And that’s not to mention the extended amounts of time the duo swam underwater without breathing. Or forcing the puny plumber-to-be to watch as he swallowed enemies whole and popped them out as enormous eggs. For all intents and purposes Yoshi should have been the last choice for a babysitter for the future hero of the Mushroom Kingdom. Yet here with are again with the release of Yoshi’s New Island on the 3DS, which once again puts the dinosaur in the limelight as baby Mario’s keeper.

See why I was disappointed with this game by reading the full review here!


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