Sunday Roundup: 6/22/14

New Games (6-22-14)There’s a local place that sells used video games that I’ve mentioned before on the blog. The store owner picked up shop and moved to a bigger (better?) location, but still within reasonable driving distance to our place. I ventured there this week to see how his new digs were doing. To find the directions however, I had to look up his Facebook page. When I was there I noticed a link to another, much further away, used game shop that will be closing down later this month. I had a day off and I was in a video game buying mood, so I decided to check out both places. Though the drive was long and the selection wasn’t as wondrous as I hoped, there were plenty of great finds!

Arkanoid DS CoverArkanoid DS
Release Date: June 17th, 2008
Purchased at: 8-Bit Gamers (Santa Clara, CA – $6)

My brother played Arkanoid on the NES when I was growing up, and there was something about the mindless and easy puzzle game that made me play it more than I probably should have. Whenever there were clones of the game, and there are TONS of clones, I tend to enjoy them. Arkanoid DS is more of a spiritual successor to the original, as it incorporates a lot of new maps and even multiplayer. It’s basic and plain, but it’s still fun. Four person multipalyer via download play is a definite plus too!

Club House Games CoverClubhouse Games
Release Date: October 9th, 2006
Purchased at: Gamers Clique (San Jose, CA – $4)

I have been seeking out this one for ages but can never seem to find it complete. Lo and behold, we go to this new (but sadly closing) game store and there it is on the shelf for a mere four bucks. Sadly, I cannot seem to get the game cart to work, despite cleaning out the horrendously dirty backside. I might just try to find another copy loose and throw it in this box. Interestingly, there are two versions of this game out there, with slightly altered packaging (check the dates on the back), and this is the repack. But whatever, it’s (kind of) mine!

Maximum Force CoverMaximum Force
Release Date: September 30th, 1997
Purchased at: Gamers Clique (San Jose, CA – $5)

You couldn’t imagine my joy when I saw this guy sitting on the shelf! I didn’t even know the game was released on consoles until a year or so back. The followup game to Area 51, Maximum Force uses the same light gun style gameplay, digitized actors mixed with 3D backgrounds and 2D sprites, and general gameplay mechanics as Area 51 but wasn’t nearly as memorable. I think when losing the alien threat and replacing them with non-alien terrorists it’s just not as fun to blast them to bits.

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Darkness CoverPokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Darkness
Release Date:
April 20th, 2008
Purchased at: Gamers Clique (San Jose, CA – $9)

Strangely, I just recently added the entire Pokemon Mystery Dungeon to my video game want list, and no more than two days later I secured my first game. Explorers of Darkness and the entire Mystery Dungeon franchise are rogue-like RPGs where you play as actual Pokemon. Honestly, I probably won’t get around to this one at all, but seeing as it’s a Pokemon game it’ll likely become somewhat cherished years from now.

Tetris DS CoverTetris DS
Release Date: March 20th, 2006
Purchased at: 8-Bit Gamers (Santa Clara, CA – $8)

I would call this the find of the week, especially since Clubhouse Games is out of commission. Tetris DS is a new take on the classic game featuring a handful of Nintendo stalwarts. There are 6 different game modes to take advantage of, each showcasing a different Nintendo character like Link or Samus. Instead of just placing Tetriminos as they fall, sometimes your goal is to make 4×4 squares, of allow Mario to jump across the stage. With awesome music and a very early release date in the DS’ lifecycle, I’ve had a really tough time tracking this down for a reasonable price, but thankfully that hunt ends today!



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