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Sunday Roundup: 9/9/12

I thought I was working quite a lot lately, so when I finally got a day off I decided I owed it to myself to spend a little bit of this money I was earning. With that in mind I went a few towns over where they have a much nicer mall and shopping experience than my own city and found a few good deals. The best thing of all, aside from finding these games in great condition, was that I got them all for less than $20!




Yearly Roundup: 2011

As 2011 comes to an end, I thought it would be a cool idea to look back at the year in games. Specifically, the year in games added to my ever-growing library. If you’re a frequent visitor to the site (I greatly hope you are!) you’ll no doubt know I do a weekly blog post about my newest games. So below I’ve collected every game I added this year (well, really only half-year, because I started this blog in late July). I’ve also linked any relevant posts I’ve done about said games, like reviews, Modern Classics, and gameplay videos. Enjoy the small retrospective, and here’s to another fantastic year in gaming in 2012!


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