Sunday Roundup: 12/1/13

New Games (12-1-13)As far as Black Friday video game deals go, this year wasn’t too nice to me. Sure, there were some great finds that I’m sure many people loved, but I didn’t find much of anything across 2 separate GameStops, a Best Buy, Target, Toys R’ Us, and even another Goodwill. That being said, the games I did find weren’t crazy, must-have titles, or superbly awesome sales, but they are good enough to be added to my collection. So let’s get the first Sunday Roundup of December started!





Top Ten E3 2012 Announcements

Now that E3 has come and gone, it’s time for just about every gaming journalists, websites, magazines, and anything covering the newest technology to rank the best of the best from this year’s convention. Seeing as only one of my previous predictions kind of came true, E3 was sort of straightforward and down to business. Still though, there’s plenty to be excited about this coming year, and these ten entries are more than enough to satiate even the hungriest of gamers.