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The Recurring Bosscast: 031: Man Crush

Take a look back at the last generation of video games with Mat, Jett, and myself! What were the best games on the Wii, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3? What are the games that we’ll be talking about for years […]


The Recurring Bosscast: 030: I Don’t Know But I Bought A Suit

The next generation of video games is upon us! With the release of the Xbox One, the eighth generation of game consoles is officially underway. But who cares about the Xbox One, right? We’re talking PS4. And kind of Wii […]


The Recurring Bosscast: 029: Next Gen Wars

In just a few hours we’ll be fully committed to the next generation of video game consoles. The PlayStation 4 is upon us, the Xbox One is right around the corner, and the Wii U has been out for over […]


The Recurring Bosscast: 028: Celebrating One Year of Bosscasting

Episode 28 marks the one year anniversary of the Bosscast being on Splitkick. Huzzah!! Besides recollecting a bit on the year behind us, Jett, Mat, and I give the good ol’ Xbox 360 a final farewell as we officially enter […]


The Recurring Bosscast: 027: Spit Hot Fire

After sitting out for an episode I’m back on the Bosscast with Mat and Jett! With all the talks focusing the past few weeks on Grand Theft Auto V, I’ve been feeling a bit left out of the gaming loop […]


The Recurring Bosscast: 025: PS3some

The Recurring Bosscast is back and better than ever with our 25th episode! In honor of Grand Theft Auto V being released, Mat, Jett, and I reminisce about our past experiences with video game launches. I recall getting stuck out […]


The Recurring Bosscast: 024: A Clown and Her Dolly

Episode 24 of the Recurring Bosscast marks the one year anniversary of the show! Man, I really can’t believe it’s already been a solid year of recording with Mat and Jett. It’s been great so far, and I’m totally looking […]


The Recurring Bosscast: 023: Can I Get Your Autograph?

I had to sit out this week of the Recurring Bosscast due to some crazy scheduling conflicts, but the show must go on! Mat and Jett talk about sleeper hits on the NES and they even do me the honor […]


The Recurring Bosscast: 022: It’s Gonna Be Dope

With Grand Theft Auto V‘s release quickly approaching, Mat, Jett, and I discuss the sandbox game series and how it’s changed the entire industry! Also listen to discover why Jett may secretly be a drug addict/dealer! If you like what […]


The Recurring Bosscast: 020: Hadoken!

Mat was too busy hanging out with Puff Daddy to drop in on our latest Podcast, so Jett and I winged it by ourselves. What did we talk about? Street Fighter. In anticipation of the upcoming Evo 2013 tournament (July […]