Why Pokemon X and Y are the Best Pokemon Games in Years

Mega Charizard X and YYou can’t escape it.

Pokemon is everywhere.

The recent release of Pokemon X and Pokemon Y on the Nintendo 3DS has stirred up all kinds of talks amongst series fans, gaming outlets, and everyone that owns a 3DS. I’ve heard people saying this is the best version of the Pokemon games since the originals, that it’s a wonderful place for newcomers and veteran players to start (or re-start), and that the games have never looked, played, or sounded better. But what exactly makes these the best in the already legendary series of introduction RPGs? (more…)


Review: Pokemon X and Y

Pokemon X and Y LogoBy now you know what you’re getting with each new Pokemon game: more adorable creatures to catch, train, and battle, new regions to explore, and a lighthearted story that  ties everything together. For more than fifteen years Nintendo has been releasing games that follow this very formula time and time again, and each new version sells millions. In no way a departure from the series form, Pokemon X and Y take small steps towards making an already great franchise even better. (more…)