Rogue Legacy is the Best Kind of Dungeon Crawl

Some games choose to give you big advantages for completing a certain level or stage. Take for example the Legend of Zelda series: completing a dungeon will net you some extra health and a specific weapon or tool to assist in further exploration of the rest of the game’s world. Other titles give you small rewards throughout, like an RPG giving you additional HP and strength with every level you go up. Then there are dungeon crawlers like Castlevania which combine these two, giving you bigger and better weapons all the time, but not allotting anything major until you overcome a boss. Take that classic Castlevania: Symphony of the Night formula, and mix in the random dungeon generation of rogue-like games such as The Binding of Isaac, and mix in some Final Fantasy for flair, and you’ve got yourself Rogue Legacy, a remarkably fun and replayable title from 2014. (more…)