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Free Play – Spyborgs

Free Play is back! Honestly I’ve been recording these videos for months now but haven’t gotten around to finally finishing one until now. What I mean is there should be a steady stream of content from now on. Spyborgs was […]


The Recurring Bosscast: 030: I Don’t Know But I Bought A Suit

The next generation of video games is upon us! With the release of the Xbox One, the eighth generation of game consoles is officially underway. But who cares about the Xbox One, right? We’re talking PS4. And kind of Wii […]


A Very Long Overdue Sunday Roundup

For the better part of three weeks now I have been living in California! The move from Indiana had been planned for quite some time and I can finally say it’s done and over. A few hiccups aside, the transition […]