Review: Super Princess Peach

Super Princess Peach Banner

It’s not often Peach gets to steal the limelight from Mario. Even when she can scrape up some screen time it’s almost always while being held captive under Bowser or someone else’s clutches. If you wanted to play as Peach you were limited to romps around the Mushroom Kingdom either riding go karts or playing tennis. But with Super Princess Peach for the original Nintendo DS the eponymous princess steps to the forefront as the game’s hero, saving Mario, Luigi, and countless Toads from certain doom. Although a bit old, the game holds up well and is a welcome addition to the excellent Mario franchise.



Sunday Roundup: 12/28/14

Mario Bros ChristmasI’m late on getting this Christmas themed Sunday Roundup out, but after the holiday itself, and the craziness that was my job, followed by the fun times had on New Year’s Eve, and then a week long vacation in Las Vegas and getting to see the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show, I barley had any time to write! Because of that, I have actually combined the last three weeks into this one Roundup. Honestly, it really just contains the games from the holidays, as I didn’t buy but one game afterward, but to be perfectly fair, you all know. Also, this is the last Roundup of 2014! And I have to say, it was an exceptional way to end the year indeed! (more…)