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Review: Anomaly 2

It was only two years ago that we were first shown just how fun a reverse tower-defense game could be with the release of Anomaly: Warzone Earth. Building mobile units to travel through a battlefield destroying powerful alien structures instead […]


Review: Orcs Must Die 2

It was just one year ago that gamers took up the blade staff and orchestrated the mass genocide of orcs in the original Orcs Must Die. Now gamers have an entirely new adventure to play through, with thousands more orcs […]


Review: Dungeon Defenders

What’s going on here? Two tower defense mash-up games for the Xbox 360 in one month? And they’re both pretty darn good to boot? Coming hot off the heels of Orcs Must Die! is Trendy Entertainment’s Dungeon Defenders, a combination […]


Gameplay Vault: Dungeon Defenders

After having a grand time with Orcs Must Die!, I decided to delve even deeper in the genre that is tower defense and downloaded Dungeon Defenders for the Xbox 360. Another tower defense/RPG title, Dungeon Defenders has a focus on […]


Review: Orcs Must Die!

The tower defense genre has always been a desktop game to me, something that I would play through an internet browser between classes, and certainly not something I’d consider a full fledged videogame. In my mind, while these games were […]


Sunday Roundup: 10/9/11

Mercury Hg for PSN, Orcs Must Die! for the Xbox, and an on-sale downloadable board game make up this week’s new games.        


Gameplay Vault: Orcs Must Die!

I’ve gotten a lot of play time in with the new Xbox Live Arcade tower defense/action title Orcs Must Die! Last night I decided to plug in the ol’ mic and record some thoughts of the gameplay. The mic work […]