This Week in Gaming News: 6/23/12 – 6/29/12

What’s new this week in games? How about some more Left 4 Dead 2 DLC? Or better yet, a brand new Team Fortress 2 video? And what’s that you say? A new Pokemon game that’s not Black Version 2 or White Version 2? And it sounds interesting to boot? Hmm, I think you’d better read more to get all this week’s news…


New Left 4 Dead 2 DLC is coming late July

In what will be exciting news for L4D fans, Valve made it known via their blog that the Cold Stream DLC level will be making its way to the Xbox 360 and PC version of Left 4 Dead 2 on July 24th. The post also says how they are making live the original Left 4 Dead levels Blood Harvest, Dead Air, Death Toll, and Crash Course playable in L4D2 as well. That’s not enough for you? Well, how about being able to play all Mutation game modes at any given time? Yeah, how ’bout them apples! I’m not confirming any prices, but I’d assume the PC version will be free with the Xbox 360 version costing around $6 to download. Get those bile bombs and shotguns ready, zombie hunters! (Source: L4D Blog)

Prototype developer Radical Entertainment downsized

The good folks behind open-world superhero/anti-hero game Prototype have been hit with hard times. Radical Entertainment is a studio of Activision, and Activision said poor sales of the Prototype franchise have lead to reduction in creative force at Radical. Though Activision is no longer using Radical to make games, they are still keeping the studio open, albeit in a much smaller capacity. The talented developers will hopefully find work somewhere else, and find work soon. It’s always a sad time when any developer has to shut it doors… (Source: Game Informer)

Valve releases “Meet the Pyro,” completing the Team Fortress 2 cast trailers

Meet the Pyro is the latest in Valve’s epic trailers for now free-to-play Team Fortress 2. There isn’t anything more for me to say. Just watch the video here.



Valve’s Source: Filmmaker means we’ll be seeing lots of user created TF2 movies

An interesting image was seen at the end of the above mentioned “Meet the Pyro” video. It was a titlecard mentioning Valve’s Source: Filmmaker. The new tool was used by Valve’s creative teams to make the “Meet the Team” trailer videos. Now the tools for capturing gameplay and making your own Valve-inspired TF2 videos are at your fingertips. Source: Filmmaker is a fun, free way to create your own unique user-created content. Here’s what Valve had to say about Source: Filmmaker. (Source: Kotaku)

Sony CEO Kaz Hirai steps down as SCE head

Kaz Hirai will no longer be the CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment, but he will still be a part of Sony. Gamers will likely remember Kaz for his many press conferences given, including announcing the PlayStation 3 and PS Vita. There hasn’t been any word yet on who will replace him. While it’s certainly sad to see a veteran step down, it’s exciting to see what Sony will do with a fresh, new mind running the PlayStation brand. (Source: Destructoid)

Pokemon Black & White 2 coming October 7th; Pokemon Dream Radar released same day

As reported last week, Pokemon Black Version 2 and Pokemon White Version 2 will be coming to the DS later this year. Nintendo announced this week that the two games will be coming out in North America on October 7th. More interestingly though is the announced released date (October 7th as well), of Pokemon Dream Radar, exclusively via 3DS eShop. Pokemon Dream Radar has you using the 3DS’ camera in an augmented reality game where you find hidden Pokemon around your house, which you can catch and transfer to Black/White 2. I’m sure it’ll be little more than a gimmick, but leave it to Nintendo to get me excited yet again about a Pokemon game. (Source: Machinima)


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    That’s pretty rad that Valve is releasing new DLC for L4D2. Glad to have another reason to revisit that game.

    1. jsicktheslick

      Yeah same here. I did the same thing when they released the last DLC (The Sacrifice): hadn’t played the game for months then was suddenly super excited about it.

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