Top Ten Games that Need A Compilation Re-Release

Top Ten Games that Need A Compilation Re-Release

Capcom has been re-releasing video games for literal decades. From Street Fighter to Mega Man, it seems every console imaginable has a version of these games. Most recently, Capcom has announced a release of Mega Man Zero/ZX Legacy Collection, which brings together the four Zero games and two ZX games in one package. This goes along with other collections like Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection, Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy, and Capcom Beat’em Up Bundle, to name a few.

These releases got me thinking: What other games need to come out as a bundle? There are so many great titles out there thousands of gamers haven’t played just begging to be ported over. Now that I write this, I suddenly see the financial reasons behind wanting to port these. So, let’s take a look at 10 game franchises that need a bundle re-release!

10. Streets of Rage

Researching games for this list really came down to thinking about which games or series haven’t been around for some time that were once mighty franchises. Sega’s answer to Nintendo’s Final Fight was the arguably better Streets of Rage on the Genesis. Awesome music, tight gameplay, and great co-op made this series’ first three entries instant classics. We’ve gotten some re-releases of these games, but let’s hope for a full-on legacy collection for this deserving series! Hope is alive for these games possibly coming back out, as a Streets of Rage 4 is currently in development

9. Breath of Fire

A personal pick for me because I’ve never played any of these classic RPGs when they first released. Breath of FIre is Capcom’s flagship JRPG and we’ve seen almost all of them release stateside. Featuring turn-based combat and an ability to transform into a dragon, Breath of Fire sold well enough to warrant several sequels, but no re-release just yet. Package deals for RPG series’ are a bit intimidating since there’s so much playtime and content to be had, but I would love to dig into these games once more!

8. Mega Man (Game Boy)

I feel like this list is just going to be me wishing Capcom would re-release their damn games already, but seriously though: Capcom! Release the Game Boy Mega Man games! This one particularly stings because at one point in time there actually was supposed to be a collection of these games releasing. If you haven’t played them, the Game Boy Mega Man’s usually feature a few bosses from two games smashed together. The real star here however is Mega Man V, which features an exclusive story and space-themed boss battles. It has to this day only been re-released on the 3DS’ eShop.

7. Time Splitters

Free Radical’s TimeSplitters series always pops up on lists of games that were great that people forgot, or what have you. I’ve actually only ever played TimeSplitters 2 on the GameCube of all things, but there are two other well regarded games in the series. Since one of the big claims to fame for these games was intense and wild multiplayers matches, it might be hard to get a footing in today’s market. Thankfully, these games also have superior single player campaign’s too, which would be more than enough for me to give it a go!

6. F-Zero and Mario Kart Arcade

Did you know Nintendo partnered with Namco to release some arcade racing games based on their beloved racing franchise, as well as some random game named F-Zero? There are three Mario Karts and one F-Zero that all feature arcade exclusive tracks, karts/racers, and weapons. While Nintendo seemingly forgot F-Zero exists, it certainly hasn’t forgotten about Mario Kart. It would be amazing to finally get to experience these levels and characters together at home on the Switch!

5. The Shining Series

If we’re bringing back Capcom’s RPG series, why not Segas? The Shining series has seen it’s fair share of re-releases on compilations like Sonic’s Ultimate Genesis Collection as well as ports to digital platforms. But come on Sega, there are literally dozens of games in this series just begging to come out in a singular package. Not to mention, many of the games released on the Sega Saturn and PlayStation 2, and many more never made it Stateside. This would be an absolutely amazing collection that any RPG fan or collector would love to get their hands on.

4. Mega Man Legends

Speaking of collectors, wouldn’t you know it we’re back to Capcom! The company’s then-mascot Mega Man was featured in a trio of games on the PlayStation that have gone down in history as cult classics. Mega Man Legends I and II are hard to track down in their own right, but the spin-off The Misadventures of Tron Bonne is a completely different story. While there have been digital re-releases for these, a collection has yet to materialize, which is strange given Capcom’s penchant for releasing Mega Man compilations.

Ape Escape™ 2_20160622153230

3. Ape Escape

This list has quickly divulged into a list of forgotten game series, and there’s a big one missing: Sony’s Ape Escape. The game series that made us use the dual shock analog controller, the original Ape Escape and it’s sequels were fun platformers that delivered each and every time. Subsequent games and spin-offs went in the party direction, but there’s no reason we can’t get a re-release or even a remaster of these games for today’s audience! You can’t tell me people won’t love the bright colors and zany antics of catching mischievous monkeys throughout time!

2. Metroid

When thinking of Nintendo’s best games, Metroid only gets thrown in to the mix occasionally. You have to remember though, Super Metroid on the SNES is not only considered one of the best SNES games ever, but one of the best games of all time on any system! Pair that with the excellent Metroid Prime series, the 2D platformers, and then the silly spin-off Pinball game and you have an absolute winner of a compilation! Just thinking of how this doesn’t exist makes me upset.

1. Fire Emblem

I have said this many times to my friends in the past, and it is really the basis for this entire list: I don’t know any reason why Nintendo has not re-released the Fire Emblem series. The old NES and SNES games that never came out of Japan, the GameCube and Wii games that cost a fortune in today’s market, and everything inbetween. Fire Emblem has arguably never been more popular than today, and it makes no sense to me why Nintendo has not capitalized on that success. Until they do, I fear myself and many other gamers will never play what some consider the best games in this stellar franchise.

And there you have it, that, is 10 games or series’ that are dying for a compilation re-release. Are there any games that you want to see come out as a package deal? Let me know down below, so we can be sad together!


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