Video Review: Silent Scope

Silent Scope is a memorable, unique arcade shooter.

Not so much on the consoles. Here is my newest video review



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  1. John

    That they did. Did you get sent down the collector’s path in part by their Collector’s Closet? I remember reading that and thinking “I want a worthy collection of that column.”

    1. jsicktheslick

      I would certainly say it had an impact. Seeing the “Room of Doom” and all the swag with game collecting did inspire me. But I think the biggest factor is just me hoarding games for years. And buying cheap. All those things equaled having mountains of video games.

  2. John

    Definitely buying cheap. I find it hard to pass up games that I have the slightest interest in when they’re less than $10. I usually won’t play them right away, but they’ll get played eventually.

    1. jsicktheslick

      Same here, yet again! Although my magic price for buying games cheap is usually just $5 :p

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