Worth Playing vol. 1

There’s way too many video games to play. Way too many. While everyone will undoubtedly have their favorites there are certain games that might get passed by that shouldn’t have. Maybe it’s a game that came out while another, bigger game was released. Or perhaps its something you’ve just completely overlooked altogether. In the first volume of Worth Playing I’m looking at a few games that may or may not have flew under your radar but should be considered regardless. Let’s get going.

Street Fighter III: Third Strike (Dreamcast Cover)

Game: Street Fighter III: Third Strike
Genre: 2D Fighting
Systems: Arcade, Dreamcast, Playstation 2, Xbox, Xbox Live Arcade, Playstation Network
Price: $30 (Dreamcast); $15 (XBLA, PSN)

Street Fighter III: Third Strike is one of the best entries into the entire Street Fighter series, and that’s saying something. Many people may have scoffed at the exclusion of several series staple characters but those that played the game found similarly controlled and still just as interesting characters to play as. What Third Strike is most known for is the technical and in-depth fighting system not seen in other games in the series, and at the forefront of these changes was the parry system. A total game changer, Street Fighter III: Third Strike is a fighting game that you have to own if you consider yourself a fighting game aficionado.

Why you should play it
A robust cast of characters (20 with an unlockable boss character)
– The same street fighting mechanics refined to a near-perfect system
– A beautiful game to look at: backgrounds, characters, and everything inbetween animate well
– Stellar soundtrack lays down jumping beats and techno tunes to compliment the fighting
– The PSN/XBLA versions are cheap and offer up online play and new challenge missions
– SFIII:TS is a fun game that’s easy to learn, hard to master, and a joy all around
– Do you like fighting games? Then you like this game.

Power Stone (Dreamcast Cover)

Game: Power Stone
Genre: 3D Fighting
Systems: Arcade, Dreamcast, Playstation Portable
$15 (Dreamcast); $13 (PSP)

Another title by Capcom but nothing like Street Fighter, Power Stone is a 3D brawler that allows for up to four players to play at once. Tons of weapons can be picked up and used in battle: Swords,flamethrowers, water guns, revolvers, bear traps, mega phones, and even giant novelty hammers. Power Stone was released along with it’s sequel as Power Stone Collection for the PSP in the mid-2000s, and the collection is a great way to experience the fun. With frantic four player action, this title is a quick, fun, and oft-forgotten gem.

Why you should play it
– Do you like Super Smash Bros.? This game is very similar just without the Nintendo characters
– Four-player gameplay can get out of hand (in a good way)
– Tons of crazy weapons to use and abuse
– Dynamic and engaging levels will change and alter terrain during battles
– Bashing people with ridiculous weapons doesn’t get old
– It has Capcom’s shine all over it, and is a great 3D fighter
– Simple controls mean it’s easy to pick up and play for any gamer

Alter Echo (Playstation 2 Cover)

Game: Alter Echo
Genre: Action/Adventure
Systems: Playstaton 2, Xbox
Under $5 (PS2/Xbox)

A very under appreciated title, Alter Echo is an action game that revolves around the main protagonist Nevin as he wears his Echo suit and takes down the bad guys. The story is a sci-fi telling of relatively generic proportions, but the gameplay makes up for it. Using the Echo suit, you can attacks, climb, jump, and preform all manners of acrobatics. Alter Echo is a budget game and it shows: the game is rough around the edges. But that doesn’t mean it should be looked past. Plenty of challenging missions, decent 3D combat and exploration, and a spacey tone make the game worthwhile (and for $5 you really can’t go wrong).

Why you should play it
Decent combat and exploration
– Good controls and story
– Bargain asking price
– Just the right length (At about 8 to 10 hours)
– Not all games have to be triple A titles to be enjoyed

Stay tuned for vol. 2.


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  1. Eric

    Dig the new feature, dude. Heard lots of great things about the two fighting games you mentioned, but never played either. I had no idea Power Stone was released on the PSP, so I might have to pick that up if I find it cheap. Never heard of Alter Echo – sounds like it could be pretty cool.

    Looking forward to volume two!

    1. jsicktheslick

      I think I’ve seen Power Stone Collection for the PSP at GameStop for something like $7.99 used, which is totally worth it.

      And thank you for the compliment 🙂

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