I’m the one on the left. The beautiful girl is Laura 🙂

DownStab is a video game themed blog containing my personal thoughts, reflections, reviews, videos, and shenanigans on all things gaming. I am also looking for comments, criticisms, and help so please contact me if you have something to say. Likewise I am open for suggestions on future pieces, series input, and general comments or information about games. I write for myself and for you, so speak up!

I have been blogging for a few years now, and I have been growing and enjoying my hobby since. I capture all my own gameplay videos and do not upload anything that isn’t entirely my own work. Video editing has been a fun, new adventure for me, and I am still working out all the kinks but I am excited by the challenge and rewards presented.

Here are some things that that describe me well:

  • Video game player, collector, and lover.
  • Fan of Magic: The Gathering, a good game of tennis, and swimming.
  • I’ve written a good amount of video game reviews over at Machinima.com.

The purpose of this blog is to gather and collect my own thoughts on video games and all things related. I graduated from Purdue University and would love to pursue a career of video game editing, whether for a magazine, website, or other news source. Until that time presents itself, I am happy with writing and chronicling my own thoughts here.

Please contact me with questions, suggestions, comments, and anything else. I appreciate your patronage to the site, and as always, game on.

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