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I'm a game collector living in Silicon Valley, who loves coffee, pizza, & giving back to the gaming community.

Jason blissfully drinking coffee

Hey there, I’m Jason. Welcome to DownStab, where I share gaming news, insights, and reviews as I delve into my collection of 3000+ games! I have a penchant for retro games so expect to those here as well as random ones you’ve likely never heard about.

If you’d like to see me on other platforms, you can find me on my Instagram and streaming with RPGaymer on Twitch.

Collection Showcase

An inside look into my game collection via my Instagram.

What would you like to know?

My brothers got me into it!

Mostly I browse Facebook Marketplace and Craiglist online. When it comes to local stores GameStops are the most accessible but I'll make a short trip to some in the area.

I enjoy the hunt for a good price! My wife says game pricing knowledge is one of my super powers. 🙂

It's from Legend of Zelda, namely Link's downward thrust attack!

Thanks! My wife is a product designer with some WordPress skills. She appreciates you noticing.

Yes! I am such a huge coffee fan and would forever appreciate it. Here is my Ko-fi Page

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