Collecting on a Budget: Nintendo Wii

Game collecting has become more and more expensive. Let's look at some games that are fun which you can actually afford!

The State of Game Collecting in 2022, According to Someone that has No Idea What They’re Talking About

Game collecting is a bit more difficult nowadays, but still just as rewarding. But maybe it's not for everyone?

Collecting Sega Saturn Games is Fun, Expensive, and Nearly Impossible

The average price of a Sega Saturn game (a good Sega Saturn game) has to be at least $100. Isn't it great!?

The Weird, Quirky, and Unknown Games in the Collection

What are your favorite types of video games? The one where you can play as a hugely powerful magic knight, or the one where you are literally just a bee?

Retro Game Prices Have Been Skyrocketing, And I Really Don’t Get It

You shouldn't have to get take out a loan to buy some PS1 games. But with the current state of retro game prices, that might be your best option.

The Weird Mini-Collections In My Collection

I have large collection goals, and small collection goals. Then I have those goals that are so specific no one else even knows about them.

Is This The New Way of Shopping at GameStop?

GameStop is doing the right thing when it comes to in-store shopping, but what does it mean for game collectors?

Game Collection Update: 3,000, a Reflection

What does one do when buying games continues, but playing games dwindles? Think of new ways to enjoy the hobby!

Highlights From the Last Seven Years of Collecting Video Games

If you pick up enough games you'll eventually have some interesting stories to tell.

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Original blue and red Nintendo Switch controllers
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