A World of Games: Turkey Shoot

When mutant turkeys take over the world, it's up to you to track them down and bring them sweet justice. Feathers WILL fly

Omega Boost: An Afterthought

I think I've now covered pretty much every game in the song. Except Winning Eleven... I think I can pass on that one.

RPGaymer Podcast: Roguelikes

One of the newer subgenres I fell in love with is the focus of this episode of the podcast!

A World of Games: Pig Out

Pig Out: Dine Like A Swine is offensively close to how I live my life...

RPGaymer Podcast: The Dragon Quest Series (feat. GC Vazquez and Cullen)

The Dragon Quest series. What can I say about it? Well, not much, so that's why I'm not on this episode, but some true experts are. Enjoy!

RPGaymer Podcast: PS1 RPGs (feat. Gaming Broductions)

I grew up with PS1 RPGs. So I helped create a podcast episode with three others that also grew up with PS1 RPGs. Have a listen!

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– Jason J

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