A World of Games: Space Invaders Deluxe

A World of Games: Space Invaders Deluxe

Back when I ran the World of Games over on Tumblr, I was asked “Which is your favorite arcade cabinet?” For as much as I like arcade games, I hadn’t actually stopped to think which cabinet was my favorite. I knew I liked certain arcade games, but I hadn’t thought of which box that holds said games stood out to me most.

After a somewhat lengthy time perusing old arcade photos, I stopped on Space Invaders Deluxe. Once I looked at it again, I knew that it was one of my favorites.

Interestingly enough, I don’t care all too much for the Space Invaders game. Sure, it was groundbreaking the gaming and arcade world, and it’s impact will never be forgotten. But by today’s standards (Heck, even by the late 80s standards), Space Invaders itself wasn’t all too impressive.

But the Space Invaders Deluxe cabinet though! Maybe it’s because I wasn’t alive to see it brand new and shiny in person when it first released, but the bright glow of the machine makes it stand out to me. The screen overlay and the “Aliens” on the side, harkening back to the original cab, makes me think of the days of arcades past. The days I hear so many reminisce about. And the days that they’ll always have, but I’ll have to keep imaging.

It’s funny, really. There are so many video games, so many arcade games, and yet there are only a few that really stick in your mind after the years go by. Space Invaders Deluxe will remain in my memory for years and years to come.

*Played at California Extreme 2018, Santa Clara, CA

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