Top Ten Dream E3 2018 Predictions

Another year and another E3 is almost upon us. As is tradition with this blog and many other outlets, it comes time for us to predict what we will see at the upcoming show. I know I always stretch really far in my predictions, but honestly if they would just make these things happen I could stop making these lists. Despite this, I kind of look forward to checking off dream boxes in my head, wishing on what could (and never will) be. Let’s jump right in with 2018’s Top Ten Dream E3 Predictions. (more…)

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Sunday Roundup: 11/27/16

new-games-11-27-16This could very well be a first for Sunday Roundup: We’ve got not one, but two new consoles on this week’s update of games! And to make it even better, there are more than a dozen PS1 games I picked up from a friend back in Michigan City, many of them rare and hard to find in excellent condition! Prices were fair and they were shipped here well, so really no complaints around. Also, Buy 2 Get 1 Free for Black Friday deals at GameStop always get my cravings up. Here we go! (more…)

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I Have a PS Vita and Know Absolutely Nothing To Do With It

A few weeks back a friend and coworker straight up gave me a PS Vita. Apparently she had an extra one just lying around, and her and her boyfriend didn’t need two anymore. Despite several attempts to tell her she didn’t have to give it to me, she still showed up one day, smile on her face and Vita in hand, and gave me a wonderful gift. As with every console I of course wanted a PS Vita eventually, but the timing was never right, or (perhaps more importantly) there weren’t any games out for it that made me need to have it. So here we are now, Vita literally in my laptop bag as I write this… and I have absolutely no idea what to do with it. (more…)

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