E3 2013 Day 2 Recap

E3 2013 Logo Day 2Nintendo held their “Press Conference” for E3 this year via a new Nintendo Direct video. Though it lacked the on-stage flair many E3 press conferences ooze, it still provided us with plenty of new games and announcements, with the top of the list being news about the next Super Smash Bros. title. Today was technically the first day of the actual expo, so we were also given a lot of hands-on impressions and demos, as well as some new gameplay trailers and info on both games and systems.


Nintendo, Wii U, and 3DS

Microsoft and Xbox One

  • Killer Instinct was announced yesterday during Microsoft’s press conference, and today they stated the game would be a launch title. On top of that, it’s a free download, but you only get one character to play, Jago. Each other character will cost money to unlock and use.

Sony and PlayStation 4

  • The PS4 is region free, meaning there are no restrictions on buying and playing games from a country other than where you bought the system itself.
  • When discussing the PS4 and its used games policy, Sony revealed that the PS4 system itself doesn’t have any restrictions for playing used games, but publishers could choose to implement something of the like on their own (possibly online passes, constant internet connection, etc?). Sony’s first party games will not have any of these restrictions.

New Games

Odds and Ends


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