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Gaming News: 1/5/13

Ouya Home ScreenWhat does the first week of the new year have in store for video games?

Not too much, actually. Only a few stories tickled my fancy this week, and even those weren’t as grand as expected. I guess I was hoping 2013 would start out with some crazy cool announcement. Hmm… maybe later this year we will finally get Power Stone 3.

One can hope…

The Ouya console, funded by Kickstarter last year, was shown off running a game all on its own. Ouya runs off Android hardware, so it can produce games similar to those found of smartphones.

Xbox’s Major Nelson posted on his blog a countdown timer to E3 2013. It’s rumored that Microsoft will announce the successor to the Xbox 360 at E3. Only 156 days to go until we know for sure!

Sony has filed for a patent that would not allow used games to be played on its hardware. The lengthy patent can be read here. This may be the beginning of the end for used games *cough* GameStop *cough*

In an effort to avert any more loss, Facebook game giant Zynga shutdown over a dozen of its games on the social media site. Games included were PetVille, FishVille, Mafia Wars 2, and ForestVille. A lotta “villes”…

A rumor has been flying around about preowned Wii U consoles allowing purchasers of used consoles to re-download titles originally obtained from the Wii U eShop free of charge. It’s just a rumor, mind you, but this is a strange occurrence indeed.

An announcement concerning the Pokemon franchise is coming next week, January 8th to be exact. Here’s hoping it’s the 3DS version of Pokemon. I like the names Pokemon Light and Dark editions.


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