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And so our story begins…

Everything has to start somewhere
It’s taken awhile getting here. I’ve been as slow getting a blog started as a can possibly be, but alas, here I am. If every great moment in history starts off in someone’s mind, then perhaps this is my great moment. Or I’m just really bored and wasting my time, I don’t know.

Anyhoozle, I’ll be wrapping up my work at Purdue University here in the next few weeks, and felt it necessary to actually start doing something I’ve been talking about/thinking of doing for the past handful of years: start a blog about my favorite hobby, video games. What better time than at a transition of my life, after one great event ends and another adventure begins?

Introductions are entirely unnecessary in these circumstances, since I’m largely talking to myself. Creepy… I’ll just get right along with it and move on.

Here’s to a wonderful beginning, joyous years to come, and as always, nothing but good times for all!



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I've been writing about video games for over five years and playing them even longer. You'll find me playing all types of games, old and new. Mega Man III is greater than Mega Man II.

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