Modern Classics: DDRMAX2: Dance Dance Revolution

Once you feel the groove it’s hard to stop. As is the case with my recent reintroduction to the Dance Dance Revolution series. My previous Modern Classics entry was on the first PS2 DDR game, DDRMAX. The newest entry is none other than the sequel DDRMAX2. With more music, more step patterns, more modes, and more ways to get your groove on, MAX2 is one of the greatest games in the entire series. Too bad then that it was the last game that got it all right.



Last time I said that DDRMAX had the best music in the series, but in retrospect and after replaying this gem, I might have to just package these two games together as having the best music in the DDR home console library. So many classics here it’s hard to decide which is better! Just watch…

Modern Classics: DDRMAX2



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