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Review: Dungeon Defenders

What’s going on here? Two tower defense mash-up games for the Xbox 360 in one month? And they’re both pretty darn good to boot? Coming hot off the heels of Orcs Must Die! is Trendy Entertainment’s Dungeon Defenders, a combination of the tower defense and action RPG genres. With an emphasis on hacking and slashing through foes instead of strategically placing towers, Dungeon Defenders places you in the middle of the action as hordes of enemies storm your castle.


I had high hopes for this game. The premise is legit: Get a group of four friends to play an action-based, loot-driven RPG/Tower Defense game. Unfortunately the grind you need to do to actually progress through the game halts any long-term good times. Oh well… I’ll stick with Orcs Must Die!

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Blasting baddies is easy-peasy. Until the ogres start showing up o.O


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