Review: Fable Heroes

When thinking of the Fable series a few elements come to mind: your actions having a great impact on the story; a beautiful, changing world for you to explore and live in; and a satisfying feeling once you’ve completed your epic journey. Unfortunately these features are noticeably absent from Fable Heroes, a spinoff hack-and-slash downloadable title for the Xbox 360.

What Fable Heroes does offer is an accessible multiplayer driven experience that any gamer can pick up and play.


I’ve spoken about Fable Heroes already in my preview, so what are my final thoughts on the game?

Well, much the same with what I said before. I think the best way to put it is this: Fable Heroes doesn’t feel like a Fable game. Take away the characters and location and your left with a shell of  game that is bland, redundant, and nothing that Fable is known for.

Even the bosses are repeated, with each one utilizing the exact same patterns

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  1. Westen

    The demo of this one really disappointed me. A brawler set in fable with heavy RPG elements could have been a lot of fun, but man it was just so shallow. Pretty much agree with the review, though I’d rate it lower (though I’m not so fortunate to have many gamer friends, so that always plays a part for me with co-op heavy games like this).

    1. jsicktheslick

      Shallow is a very good adjective. I think the thing that turned me off most was that it didn’t feel like Fable at all. Play as Marge, Homer, Lisa, and Bart and set the game in Springfield and it’d be a Simpson’s brawler. Nothing redeeming or charming about it.

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