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Review: Legend of Grimrock

As generations of videogame consoles come and go we see vast improvements in many categories: graphics get a huge overhaul, the complexities of gameplay increases, and entire genres are redone to take advantage of each new system’s capabilities. A few casualties are left behind in this transition  like the point-and-click adventure game, 2D platformers, and dungeon crawling role-playing games. However each generation has a select few titles that stubbornly stick to the old formula and emulate the magic of games past, which is the case with Legend of Grimrock for the PC. A difficult, retro style RPG, Legend of Grimrock challenges players to fight for their freedom and escape from Mount Grimrock or be left to rot like countless others.

These skeletons gave me nightmares...

Legend of Grimrock isn’t like anything else out there. It’s still fun, but the challenge and constant reloading and trial-and-error gameplay is going to steer some away. Still, it’s a good adventure.

Read the full review at Machinima.com.


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  1. John

    This game seems like a wicked throwback. I never played the PC games Legend of Grimrock is aping, but I do enjoy making graph paper maps of similar games.

    1. jsicktheslick

      Well then I’d say this one is a good one to try for ya. I think I’d get a headache trying to make a map of the game’s levels.

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