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Review: Street Fighter X Mega Man

Street Fighter X Mega Man ArtAfter a quarter century of Street Fighter and Mega Man games, Capcom has finally combined its two flagship franchises in a fan-made downloadable PC game, Street Fighter x Mega Man. Borrowing elements from each cherished and respected franchise, SFxMM is perhaps the most unique entry into either series’ storied history. Serving as the official 25th anniversary celebration for both franchises, SFxMM delivers exactly what it sets out to do: pay homage to the last 25 years of Capcom’s biggest franchises and please the fans.

The excitement in the air was palpable when I heard this game was actually a real game. It got even more intense when I read the game was coming out just a short two weeks after the initial announcement and it was FREE! You can imagine my excitement, I’m sure.

From a reviewers standpoint, this game was fairly challenging to review. The game is free, and it’s a fan-made venture, so many complaints that I’d usually make about this being poorly done or that having been a missed feature were not relevant. I still think that I made some great points about the game, and it’s definitely a game worth checking out, fan of either series or not.

Even when pixilated, Chun-Li is still a beast
Even when pixilated, Chun-Li is still a beast

Be sure to read my full review of the game at Machinima’s Inside Gaming Daily blog!


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  1. ctowngaming

    Yeah I agree, the fact that people have been so critical on the game blows my mind. It is completely free and it is also fan made, who cares if the games has some problems. Overall it is nice that a company actually took the time to acknowledge a fans idea and release it to everyone. No matter if the game was horrible or not, it was a awesome gesture by Capcom to release the fan made game.

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