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Review: The Binding of Isaac

What do you get when you mix The Legend of Zelda and Robotron with a dash of randomly generated dungeons? Not a super violent top-down Zelda game, but the super violent top-down dungeon crawler from Edmund McMillen and Florian Himsl of the team behind brutal indie puzzler Super Meat Boy. Based off the biblical story of the same name, The Binding of Isaac is a “roguelike” top-down shooter that mixes several elements from other games with a grotesquely disturbing setting that works well. The Binding of Isaac is truly the stuff of nightmares and is not for the easily offended.

Read the full review at the Inside Gaming blog at Machinima.com.

And you thought your nightmares were bad


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  1. Eric

    Haha, this sounds like something I would like. Looks crazy as hell, and I love the art style. Is this PC-only?

    1. jsicktheslick

      I think it’s PC and Mac only. Grab it on Steam and have fun!

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