Splitkick’s 2012 Game of the Year Picks

Splitkick LogoIt’s the end of 2012 and that means two things: the holiday season is in full swing, and every gaming outlet is pumping out Game of the Year awards and nominations. I have recently been given the fantastic opportunity to work for Splitkick as one of their podcast co-hosts. I was asked by the staff as well to contribute my choices for 2012’s Game of the Year. This year was actually the first time I selected my Game of the Year, and it was actually a pretty tough choice!


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Gaming News: 12/15/12

Machinima LogoYou might be thinking, “Jsick, it’s the end of the year, surely the only news to report on is Game of the Year stories from around the internet?” Well faithful reader, you’d be disappointed to know that I am not reporting anything this week on GotY shenanigans. Not yet at least.

There was actually a handful of newsworthy stories this week, some good, some bad.


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Gaming News: 11/17/12

Game rumors, game announcements, DLC forthcoming… another fine week in gaming news.

Disney thinks they can break into the toys-and-video games market cornered by Skylanders, the newest Borderlands 2 DLC will be out in just a few days, and there are even more Black Friday deals to take advantage of in the coming week.

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Gaming News: 11/3/12

Another exciting week in gaming news, complete with controversy, new games, and even some game save-deleteing bugs! Which are arguably the best kind of bugs (stupid wasps…)

I highlight the integrity of games journalists as the fallout and backlash from one article has taken a small toll on the world of games. And what would it be without some Borderlands 2 news? A shabby week, that’s what!

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Now Playing: Borderlands 2

Can you believe it’s been three years since the original Borderlands surprised us all with its addictive, loot-driven kill-fests? Three years since we opened the Vault, killed our first Badass Psycho, picked up our first corrosive pistol. For me at least the time doesn’t seem so long ago because I’ve been playing Borderlands and its DLC periodically ever since 2009. And how we’re here in 2012, with Borderlands 2 and all its glory. I’ve been playing daily since the game came out last week, and here’s what you need to know about the game so far.


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Sunday Roundup: 9/23/12

A short list of games but games that are amazing nonetheless. I have been busy this week and am currently still out of town on a vacation of sorts, but that didn’t stop me from picking up two new games this week. I need to clarify what “new” means though: One game is new in every sense of the word: it came out this week, I bought it, and it was wrapped in that plastic that is so satisfying to tear open. The other game, while also new in that it came out this week, is actually a collection of older titles and some other swag (if the picture hasn’t given it away yet). Read more about Sunday Roundup: 9/23/12

This Week in Gaming News: 9/1/12 – 9/7/12

Have you ever given any thought to the order of the Mario games? Does Mario Tennis happen before Super Mario Bros. 3? Or better yet, did Mario just throw a few parties between saving Peach and defeating Bowser? Apparently someone thought about all this, because I found out this week there are gamers dedicated to finding out a definitive Mario timeline.

Also this week, A distant Zelda Wii U title sounds pretty amazing.

And on another sad note, gaming TV station and website G4 is likely coming to an end. Read on for more! Read more about This Week in Gaming News: 9/1/12 – 9/7/12