Gaming News: 10/27/12

So apparently there’s going to be a Borderlands game for iOS? And what’s better is that it’s coming out next week! I’ve already got my five bucks ready to throw away for this one.

On to other news: the newest Professor Layton is looking sharper than ever, PAX expands to Australia, and Zynga isn’t doing so well. (more…)


This Week in Gaming News: 9/1/12 – 9/7/12

Have you ever given any thought to the order of the Mario games? Does Mario Tennis happen before Super Mario Bros. 3? Or better yet, did Mario just throw a few parties between saving Peach and defeating Bowser? Apparently someone thought about all this, because I found out this week there are gamers dedicated to finding out a definitive Mario timeline.

Also this week, A distant Zelda Wii U title sounds pretty amazing.

And on another sad note, gaming TV station and website G4 is likely coming to an end. Read on for more! (more…)


This Week in Gaming News: 4/21/12 – 4/27/12

What did this week bring us in gaming news? Japan is getting some awesome 3DS games that look amazing, G4 loses its most notable personality, Nintendo says they’re giving Kirby a 20th birthday extravaganza, and there’s a Kinect game coming out that combines rhythm games with basketball dribbling.

And if that’s not enough for you, there’s also a blog out there with incredibly original Pokemon artwork.