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The Recurring Bosscast: 032: Google Search Sexy Men

Happy Holidays to all from Mat, Jett, and myself with the Recurring Bosscast! In the last episode of 2013, the big three (Mat, Jett, Jason) discuss our games of the year. Perhaps it’s the excellent caliber of games that were […]


The Recurring Bosscast: 027: Spit Hot Fire

After sitting out for an episode I’m back on the Bosscast with Mat and Jett! With all the talks focusing the past few weeks on Grand Theft Auto V, I’ve been feeling a bit left out of the gaming loop […]


The Recurring Bosscast: 025: PS3some

The Recurring Bosscast is back and better than ever with our 25th episode! In honor of Grand Theft Auto V being released, Mat, Jett, and I reminisce about our past experiences with video game launches. I recall getting stuck out […]


The Recurring Bosscast: 022: It’s Gonna Be Dope

With Grand Theft Auto V‘s release quickly approaching, Mat, Jett, and I discuss the sandbox game series and how it’s changed the entire industry! Also listen to discover why Jett may secretly be a drug addict/dealer! If you like what […]