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Gaming News: 1/5/13

What does the first week of the new year have in store for video games? Not too much, actually. Only a few stories tickled my fancy this week, and even those weren’t as grand as expected. I guess I was […]


This Week in Gaming News: 8/4/12 – 8/11/12

Cross off Blizzard on the list of big gaming companies that have had their networks hacked. Speaking of companies who have been hacked, Valve had an interesting tidbit on their Team Fortress 2 site this week. And Sony made a […]


This Week in Gaming News: 7/21/12 – 7/27/12

In case you haven’t noticed yet, I am a fan of RPGs. So it’s fitting that this week is full of RPG news. Baldur’s Gate, Final Fantasy XIV, and even my old friend World of Warcraft.  


This Week in Gaming News: 7/7/12 – 7/13/12

There’s going to be a Meag Man/Sonic the Hedgehog crossover comic. That is all!      


This Week in Gaming News: 6/30/12 – 7/6/12

Two big stories concerning the transition to digital gaming and cloud gaming. Not only that, but two big characters (well, only one is actually “big”) are added to the roster of PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale. And here’s a quick hit […]