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Sunday Roundup: 12/29/13

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all! Being a child at heart, most of my Christmas lists are full of video games. Each and every year I am reminded how truly blessed I am to have so many caring, loving […]


Sunday Roundup: 9/22/13

For the past seven or so years, I have been saving the points under the caps of Coca-Cola beverages to use with their My Coke Rewards program. Initially I started saving the codes because I saw that there were some […]


Sunday Roundup: 9/8/13

I had to work at a different location this past week and it was in a large complex that also happened to contain a rather large GameStop. If you recall last week’s Sunday Roundup you’ll remember that a few sales […]


Sunday Roundup: 12/11/11

What does half off PS2 games at GameStop mean? It’s time to pick up those expensive games you’ve always wanted. And what were those games, you ask?