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Game Hunter’s Journal: Buying Current Gen Games

Xbox 360 Wii PS3With literally thousands of video games out there begging for your time and money, it can be more than daunting finding a starting point for a growing collection. Worse yet (or better depending on how you look at it), more and more games are being released each and every week! So where to begin? In part one of a special Game Hunter’s Journal series, we’ll discuss the best practices for collecting current generation video games, where to buy new games, how to save money, and what to look for when seeking future classics and rare titles. (more…)


Gut Reaction to the Xbox One Reveal

Xbox One SystemFollowing the announcement of the successor to the Xbox 360 known as the Xbox One, reactions have been a jumbled collection of excitement, speculation of the future, questions about what was seen and what wasn’t seen, and a sense of wonder about the whole thing. So in other words, job well done to Microsoft for getting the community talking about their next box.

From a gamer’s standpoint however, I’m not entirely sure I’m on board at all with the Xbox One. My gut reaction is telling me to wait this thing about and see what the Xbox One delivers in the future, but as of right now there’s some questions I want answered. (more…)


This Week in Gaming News: 6/16/12 – 6/22/12

Apparently Nintendo is too good for E3 and decided to present some announcements this week that easily could have made up for some of the sub-par presentations the company did during the convention. No matter, we have bigger things to take care of, like the first DLC for Mass Effect 3, and a big detail about the upcoming Super Smash Bros. title.

And oh yeah, a new Professor Layton game is coming to North American 3DS owners. Finally…



Review: Anomaly: Warzone Earth

Tower defense games are nothing new, with new iterations on the classic formula seemingly coming out every year (see Dungeon Defenders and Orcs Must Die! & it’s newly announced sequel). How often has a game in the genre done something as radical as Anomaly: Warzone Earth? The folks at 11 bit studios said screw placing towers, we’re going to let you play as the creep and destroy the towers! Anomaly: Warzone Earth can be described as reverse tower defense (or even tower attack), but no matter what moniker it’s given the game is downright fun.



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Review: Grand Slam Tennis 2

With successful franchises in just about every other sport, EA has decided to step on Centre Court and see if they can serve up an ace in the form of Grand Slam Tennis 2. In a complete 180 from the first title on the Wii, Grand Slam Tennis 2 has HD graphics, every grand slam venue to play on, solid online modes, and tennis’ current stars as well as the legends of the past as playable characters. With plenty of other tennis games out there, does this one have what it takes to become the world number one in tennis video games?




Now Playing: Grand Slam Tennis 2

I know I’m not the only one who enjoys a game of tennis, video or otherwise, but amongst my friends I’m pretty sure no one else likes tennis. For this reason or that, I find games like Grand Slam Tennis 2 to be wholly and intriguingly enthralling. Grand Slam Tennis 2 is EA’s newest addition to the tennis sim, and after Top Spin 4 it’s got big shoes to fill in terms of quality, depth, and playability. With John McEnroe’s gorgeous 80’s mug on the front cover, things are starting out fine already. Tennis, anyone?



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